To busy to make a layout or do just like my layouts to much, so have to have one? Please read the following rules and fill out the forms below.


001. Requesting a layout means you will use it. I don't want to waste my time on a layout that someone isn't going to use.
002. If you do not follow the above rule, I can and will make the layout into a premade for my own site.
003. Each request will consist of three images: background, 88x31 button and layout image.
004. Please fill out the form given below. I would like to try and capture of how you want it to look like.
005. DO NOT keep emailing/tagging me to see if your request is done or not. I have a life just like everyone else. I will contact you when I get done.
006. By not following the previous rule, the request will not be made.
007. Please allow me one to two weeks to complete the request. I always try to shoot for less than one week, but stuff comes up.
008. If something happens to the images or want something changed, email me at and I will try to my best to fix what you want. Please DO NOT be rude about it.
009. I would like to keep the requests to three per person in a year. I don't want to be the one making every one of your layouts because your either lazy or don't want to put effort into learning.
010. DO NOT by any means use templates to make your own layout. They are MINE.

NOTE:: Rules will be added/altered as I get requests because people don't like to follow them, so they ruin it for the rest. I've had someone take requesting a layout to the extreme and I must say wow.


Please copy/paste the form below and paste into the comment box below. I can't do the request if this isn't filled out.
Site Name:: What do you want the header text to say.
Email:: So I can contact you when I'm finished.
Layout Style:: Div or I-frame.
Colors:: No more than four please.
Font:: Any particular font you definitely want.
Positioning (IFRAMES ONLY):: Go under my layout templates and you can choose a template.
Animated button/font:: Yay or Nay for an animated button(color changing) and if you have a particular font.
Anything Else:: If you would like something that isn't listed in rule #3 can be put here.


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