Reviews from Unbreakable are made by me, Claressa and are my opinions on your site. That's right, opinion. What I think. Do not take these to heart, and also do not give me rude comments back. I'm not the kind of person that will be strict, so don't think it. Please read the Rules and Grading before applying.


001. No adult sites.
002. Your site must not be coming, on hiatus, etc. If you just open, at least be open for a month or more before applying.
003. I accept any type of site.
004. No rude comments after I've reviewed you.
005. Please allow up to a week for me to review your site.
006. Have some content that I can review, as below its one of the categories.
007. Your site must be english!


The grading is what I will be looking at in your site.

Site Name
I will be commenting your site name, unless you don't want me to. I do like to read how you got the name for your site, but if you don't have that then that's fine.

Website Layout
Basically, how your layout looks and if the CSS matches it. If you did not make your layout, make sure it's credited and you have followed the owner's terms.

If your site is a content site, then I will review your content and how original it is. I will take each category, if there is and write something about each.

Misspelled Words/Broken Links
I will go to all links and if there is a broken one or misspelled words, I will let you know where exactly and tell you.

Most sites have a 'about me' page and I do read it, if there is one. That's where I get my insight on people or if you're an affiliate of mine, the tags in such back in forth.

Overall and Rating
I will sum it up here and give a rating out of 5.


Copy/Paste the following in the 'comment' box. I can't do the review if this isn't filled out.
Owner(s): Who owns the site?
Site URL: I need the URL of your site in order to do the review.
Type of Site: Are you a doll, graphic, resource, etc.?


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