Adding Noise

Ever wonder how to add the glittery effect to your text? Follow this tutorial step by step, below is a finished effect if your not sure of what I'm talking about:
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Step 1: Open your photoshop(I'm using CS3) and create a new document with plenty of space incase(mine is: width-490, height-510). You also wan to change the background contents to transparent.

Step 2: Take your text tool () and create the you want.

Step 3: After you type your text, lets add some colors.

Step 4: Once you add your colors, then your ready to add some noise to your text. To do so go to filter > noise > add noise. Change your settings to match mine, your text will look like the second picture:

Step 5: Now, this is the step thats optional or not. I'm going to add a stoke to mine, see below. If not just use your crop tool () and save your text as.

If this tutorial helped, a link back is required.