Basics of AS3

Animation Shop is an easy program to use! You can make all kinds of different animations, like banners, icons, buttons and tons of other stuff. You can also add different text effects to your animations.

Some of you have asked me if it is possible to make blends in Animation Shop, so here's your answer: no, you cannot make blends with this program. The reason for that is because Animation Shop doesn't use layers. You have to use programs like Paint shop Pro or Photoshop to make blends.

Arrow tool: You use this tool to select different frames you want to work with. And if you want to copy something and paste it in somewhere else you have to use this tool.

Zoom tool: Zoom in on your frames with this tool to see the details closer.

Registration Mark tool: I use this tool to mark lines so that it gets exactly the same on all the frames.

Crop Tool: If you image is too big and you want to cut away some of the edges you have to use this tool.

Mover Tool: With this tool you can move the different frames.

Dropper Tool: Is there a color you want to use in a different place and you're struggling to get the exact same color, just use the dropper tool to select the color you want to use.

Brush Tool: Add different brushes to your animation or just paint something cool. You can change the color, size and type of the brush tool.

Eraser Tool: If you've done something wrong, use this eraser tool to change it.

Flood Fill Tool: Fill a whole area with the same color with the flood fill tool.

Text Tool: Add text to your animation.

Line Tool: With the line tool you can add streight lines on your animations.

Shape Tool: And at last you can add different shapes with this tool.

Play around with the different tools and the different things you can do with Animation shop. This is the best way to learn how the program works. You can also read more of my tutorials to discover the several of things you can do with Animation Shop 3.

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