Photoshop Basics

Are you a beginner in Photoshop? Don't know what the tools do? Here's a guide in telling you what each do and the names of them.
Note: I have Adobe Photoshop 7.0, so if you have a newer version, then there are more tools added, so I won't have them listed here.

- used to select certain areas.

- used to move things.

- used to draw selections in the shape you want, there is a menu to choose from.

- used to select color range, you can make it transparent or change the color.

- used to make your pictures smaller/bigger.

- used for web sites mostly to split the layout.

- used to repair scratches and specs on your graphics.

- used for brushes.

- it's similar to the healing tool, but it doesn't blend at the end.

- just like the brush tool, except it paints from the original state of your image.

- used to make blends, basically what the name says, it erases.

- used for making all different kinds gradients.

- used to make stuff blurry, click and drag.

- used to lighten up an area you want lightened.

- related to the pen tool, it's used when working with paths.

- used to create text.

- used to create paths, mostly clipping paths.

- used to draw a shape layer in a form of a rectangle. It is hard.

- used to make notes on your graphics, something like post-its.

- used to get a certain color you want from an image.

- used to move your entire image with the window.

- used to zoom in/out.

- Foreground (in the front) and Background (in the back).

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