Basic PSP

DO you have Paint Shop Pro, but not sure what tools are what? Check this image below to see:
NOTE: This is from Paint Shop Pro 9, so it may be different in other versions.

- pan tool, used for zooming in/out.

- raster deform tool, used for resizing objects.

- crop tool, used for cropping objects to a certain size.

- move tool, used to move layers/objects around.

- selection tool, used for selecting several objects.

- dropper tool, used to find colors on certain objects/pictures.

- paint brush tool, used to add brushes to a object/picture.

- clone brush, used to edit pictures.

- dodge brush, used to edit pictures (multiple choice).

- lighten/darken brush, used to lighten/darken brushes/objects/pictures.

- eraser tool, used to erase backgrounds/certain items in pictures.

- picture tube tool, used for fun.

- pastel tool, crayon/eraser/color pencil/chalk/oil brushes/more.

- flood fill tool, used to fill backgrounds/etc.

- text tool, used to create text.

- used to create different shapes.

- pen tool, used to draw lines.

- object selection tool, used to select certain objects.

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