Button Rotation

Have advertising on your page and want something else besides marquee. Every time you refresh the page the button will change:

Step 1: Copy this code and paste it:

Step 2: Where it says "VAR HOW_MANY_ADS=3;" type in the number of ads (If you have 5 put 5).

Step 3: "URL="HTTP://LINK1"; alt="Alt Text"; banner="BUTTON1"; width="88"; height="31";"
Where it says LINK1, put in the address you want the button to link to. Change ALT HERE to the text you'd like to appear when someone hovers over the text/button. Change BUTTON1 to the button URL. And you can also change the height and width but most people just use 88x31, which is standard link button size.
Done! It should look something like this:

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