Description Menu

Discription menu is really cool. You can type in a little discription for each page and when you hover it the discription appears under. Here's an example:

Step 1:: Start by copying the code under and paste it on the page you want to have the menu.

Step 2:: Then copy this code and paste it where you want the menu to be. You can even paste it in a textbox.

Step 3:: Where it says PAGE URL, you have to paste the URL of the pages you what to have in the menu. Where it says Description Here, you can write a little description of each page you have in the menu. Finally where it says PAGE NAME, you can type in the names of your pages.

Step 4:: The first code you copied is the code that decides the appearances of the menu. Where it says background-color: #606060, you can select another background color by typing in a different color code. If you want to change the width of the menu you have to change this part width: 300px;. You can also change many other parts of the code, so just take a look at it, get to know it and try different things with it:)

Step 5:: If you want more pages in your menu just copy the code under and paste it inside your last code between the div tags.

If this helped, a link back is required.