Exporting Brushes

Ever wanted to use brushes, but didn't know how to use the new ones? Follow these rules and you can:

Step 1: You can either go to a website that has brushes or make them yourself. I made a circle in MS Paint.

Step 2: After you have your brush or brushes, open them up in Paint Shop Pro:

NOTE: Do NOT make it transparent, make sure there is a white background behind it and the size isn't over 500x500.

Step 3 When you have a brush opened up go to File > Export > Custom Brush and this should pop up:

Step 4: Name your brush to whatever and and click ok. Make sure you close out the brush you already exported, so you don't have a double. I've done it before, =D.

Step 5: Click on your brush tool: and a menu will appear and click on a drop down menu to see your brush like so:

You just exported your first brush, congrats.

If this tutorial helped, a link back is required.