H1 Background

Example of H1 BG

H1 BG's are used to give a nice look to a owner's site and they are pretty simple to add to your site.

Step 1:: Open your style.css and paste this code below:

NOTE: There are only 6 headers (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6) so feel free to change the "h1" for the h you'll be using, in this case, I'll be using h4.

Now I'll explaining the h1 code step by step:
color: FONT COLOR HERE: Use hex codes for this part. Example (#FFBD1D).
font-size: FONT SIZE HERE: Test your font in Word, and check the font size, type it here followed by "pt".
line-height: LINE HEIGHT HERE: I usually fill this space with the background (if you don't want it to repeat itself at the bottom), followed by "px".
background-image:url("IMG URL HERE"): Upload your image to Photobucket and copy the image url.
text-align: TEXT ALIGN HERE: Fill this space with "center" "left" or "right".
font-family: FONT TYPE HERE: Fill this with the font's complete name.

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