Link Effects

link opens in a new window:

remove underline:

link goes backwards:

boxed links:

glowing links:

blurred links:

blurred links 2:

blurred links 3:

colored background:

blinking stars:

letter spaced links:

line through:

shadow links:

shadow links 2:

up-side-down links:

links go italic:

turns to capital letters:

dotted line around links:

heart links:

links go bold:

lowercase links:


background picture:

gradient background:

two colored frame links:

lines on the side:

close together links:

all links turn small fonts:

small fonts with frame:

Use the code under to change the colours on your links, if they turn purple or blue, this code will change it!

choose colors on the links:

If this tutorial helped, a link back is required.