Making Downloadables

Not sure how to make your premade layouts, smilies, etc. downloadable? Follow these steps and you can:

Step 1: Make the graphics that go with the smilies or premade layouts.

Step 2: Go into 'My Documents' or to wherever you saved them at.

Step 3: Highlight your stuff(right side of mouse) and a box should appear to the right of what you highlighted.

Step 4: Go up to Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder and name your zip.

Step 5: After step 4, go to your cpanel and upload your file(s) to the folder you want it to appear in or google free zip file hosting and upload your downloads to that.

Step 6: Take the code below and paste it on your page replacing ZIP URL with yours.

You just made a downloadable, congrats!

If this tutorial helped, a link back is required.