Menu Box

Here's a cool menu you can use on your site. I hope you like it! Here's how it looks:

Step 1:: Start by copying this code and paste it on the page you want the menu to be.

Step 2:: Then put your page URL in the code where it says PAGE NAME, and type in the names of the pages where it says PAGE NAME.

Step 3:: Now you're actually finished, but if you want other color and style on the menu, you have to change some settings in the code: style="BACKGROUND: #999999;: change the #999999 to another color you want on the background, font color="#000000" change the color on the page names and FONT-FAMILY: small fonts, if you want another font, change it from 'small fonts' to something else.

Step 4:: You can also change the style on the button, you do this by changing the settings on the lower part of the code. And then you're done.

If this tutorial helped, a link back is required.