Pop-Up In Drop Menu

I have made a tutorial on how to put a pop-up page in a dropdown menu, hope you'll get how to do it after reading this!


Step 1:: First of all you have to copy the dropdown menu code under, and paste it on the site you want to have your menu.

Step 2:: Then copy the pop-up code under and paste it into the dropdown menu code where it says TEXT OR LINKS HERE. It is very important that you paste it in the right place!

Step 3: Then type in the URL adress to the site you want to appear in the pop-up window, were it says PAGE ADDRESS HERE.

Step 4:: A little bit further down in the code where it says MYPAGE, you type in the name of the page (example: "guestbook").

Step 5:: Now you can change the colours on the dropdown menu as you like. You can also change the button which you click on to get to the pages. It says "click!?" now, but you can write whatever you want instead. You decide!

Step 6:: If you want more pages in the dropdown menu, just copy the pop-up code again and paste it right under the other pop-up code. And fill out like you did the last time.

If this tutorial helped, a link back is required.