Preppy Sign

Have you ever wondered how to do those popular preppy looking signs that you see at a lot of sites? Here's how I make them:

List Of What You Will Need To Make A Sign:

I put a list together of what you should have ready to open with, so that you don't have to stop and browse through site's to get these:

4-Color Scheme or 5-Color Scheme
Patterns(choose however many you want to use)
Vector Mask(credit goes to for this one
SM Cutout(credit goes to for this one
Vector Template(credit goes to for this one

This is the color scheme I will be using and credit goes to myself:

Step 1:: Open photoshop, once you have done that go ahead and open the vector template. Create a new layer for each color in your scheme and with your magic wand() select every fifth black line and fill with color. Continue to do this until all black lines have color.

Step 2:: Create a new layer and begin filling what you just filled with color with a pattern of your choice using the magic wand. I did choose to use a pattern for two of the colors, up to you if you want to. Note: That the middle circle may get filled automatically, but it's fine.

Step 3:: Create a new layer and begin filling every other white line with a pattern or you can use a brush if desired. This is how mine turned out:

Step 4:: Merge all the layers so far and then create a new layer. Open your vector mask, take your magic wand and select it. Copy and paste it in the new layer. It will appear small, so go to edit-free transform(box will appear around it. Move it to the edge on the left side and while holding shift down go to the corner and make it bigger until it fits. Click on any tool and when a box pops up, you want to apply transformation. It should look like this when your done:

Step 5:: Making sure the layer with vector mask is still selected, go to and select the gradient overlay(refer to the first photo). Edit gradient to match the color scheme and set the opacity to 45%. Keep the box up and click on pattern overlay and select a pattern of your choice(refer to the second photo). Still keeping the box up, go to stroke and make it like the third photo shown.

Step 6:: Go ahead and merge all the current layers. Create a new layer and open your sm cutout. Select the sm cutout, copy and paste it in the new layer. You will have to free transform it to fit(refer to step 4 to do this). After you apply the transformation, go to and click on stroke. Change the size to 2px, then go to fill type and click on gradient. Edit gradient and click on ok. Duplicate layer and move the original layer above the copy. Go to stroke and change the size to 4px and go to fill and click on color(white). Click ok.

Step 7:: Merge all layers. Next is the border which I won't go through the process, but CLICK HERE. If you need any help, just email me or tag me and I will be happy to explain it more. This is my outcome:

Step 8:: The very last part is adding your text to it and this should be the final product, CONGRATS!

If this helped, a link back is required.