Text Style 1

This tutorial is going to show you how to create text that looks like this:
Note:: I use to be hosted by Iglitter.net

Step 1:: Open a new document and type your text or if you already have text saved you want to use, open it up. I will be using my site's name, Unbreakable.

Step 2:: Next, add the colors from the color scheme picked out. After adding that, select 'layer 1', right click and duplicate that layer once.

Step 3:: Select the layer that says 'layer 1' and go to filter > noise > add noise, which should look the first picture below. Now, select the layer 'layer copy 1' and add your pattern(second picture).

Step 4:: Select 'layer 1' again, make sure you select this tool() before continuing. Now take your arrow key, move the image to the right 3x and down 3x. Your text should look like the picture below and select 'layer 1 copy', right click and merge down to merge both layers.

Step 5:: Go ahead duplicate the layer once again and this time we will be adding strokes around it. Select 'layer 1' and click 'fx' > stroke. Go to fill tupe > gradient, see below first picture. Change the colors to match your scheme and the stroke size to 2px, click ok.

Step 6:: Select 'layer 1 copy', click on 'fx' > stoke. This time change the to white and the size to 2px, click ok.

Step:: Now, you should still have 'layer 1 copy' selected, so just right click and merge down. Here's your finished product:

If this helped, a link back is required.