Cbox Smilies

Wander how I got those smilies in my cbox. Follow these steps and you can have them on yours too.

Step 1: Log into you cbox account.

Step 2: Go under options>emoticons.

Step 3: Delete all the smilies that are showing by clicking the red x.

Step 4: Download the set of smilies you want or if you made your own, then click upload image at the bottom of page to upload your set.

Step 5: After uploading, you can edit the codes/alt codes, those are also for when you put a :) into your comment, the smilie with take its place.

Step 6: Save what you added and you have smilies on your tagboard.

I hope this helped out, if you have questions please ask.

If this tutorial helped, a link back is required.