Ever made something and it has an ugly background and want to get rid of it? Follow these steps and you can:

Step 1: Make your graphic, I always make my stuff in MS Paint.

Step 2: After you have your graphic; open it up into Animation Shop 3, I will be using a circle:

Step 3 When you have your graphic opened up go up to your menu to Animation > Replace Color like so:

Step 4: Once you click on 'Replace Color' a box should look like the one below:

Step 5: Under Replace click on Old Color and change the color to match the graphics background, mine is black. Then go under With and click on Transparent Opacity, click ok and this is what it should look like after that:

Step 6: Click on the x and save it to whatever and save it as .gif.

Step 7: Here's what it should look like with no background attached:

You just made your first transparent graphic, congrats!

If this tutorial helped, a link back is required.