This tutorial is going to show you how to watermark the stuf you don't want people taking.
Note:: I use to be hosted by Iglitter.net

Step 1:: Open a new document: 100x100 with the background transparent, then select a pixel font and type your site's name.

Step 2:: Zoom in and using your crop tool, crop your text to where there is 1px on the bottom and right side. Once your done go to edit > define pattern and click 'ok'.

Step 3:: Now open the photo you want to be watermarked, I will be using my own photo. Make a new layer and copy/paste your picture it to the new layer.

Step 4:: Click on 'fx' and click 'pattern overlay' and select the text you just defined as a pattern in Step 2. Change the opacity to how you want it to look, I used 6%, then click 'ok'. Here's what it will look like:

If this helped, a link back is required.