Premade Layouts

Be sure to read every, single, thing!
Before using some of my premade layouts, there are a few rules you have to follow. Don't follow them? I will effing torture you.

You agree that you won't take my layouts and claim them as your own. Basically, DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE THEM.

Do not remove the layout images from the layout. Everything is in a package and you may not take something from one. Do not use my layout templates as a base for yours, if you wish, ask for my permission and I will consider it.

You agree that you will absolutely NOT remove my credits from ANY part of the layout. If the credit somehow disappears, please inform me about it.

You agree you will absolutely NOT change the font, font colors, font sizes or anything else of the layout. If you wish to do so, please ask me for permission first. If you don't, you may get some bitterness and be asked to remove it.

No direct linking, if I find that you are, I can and will make the image say 'I like to direct link'.

If you somehow mess up the layout, and haven't told me you were using it I will absolutely NOT help you. You failed to listen to me, so I won't listen to you.

If you see any layout that is stolen without my permission, notify me immediately. Email me at

You agree to do what is asked of you, to follow these rules. I promise you that only good things will happen if you follow the rules.

Failure to do so will lead to terrible consequences. There's a secret entrance. The secret entrance is: click the last period in rule 5.

Remember to use with consideration and don't abuse them. I will love you so much! If there are any problems please report them to me. I'll have them fixed a.s.a.p. The only reason I'm going through all this is cause I have a pest problem. People just want to take credit for my hard work and no one likes that right? It's just rude and inconsiderate. If you found anyone who took a layout without crediting me, please tell me a.s.a.p. I'll have a personal talk with them.

Agree || Disagree